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A Professional Artists Community

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This is a community created for those of us who are professional artists of any type.

There are tons of different art communities on LJ, but this one was created for professional artists because let's face it, our needs are different than those of hobbyists.

Any medium or level of "professional" (i.e. part time, beginning, experienced, seasoned pro, old as Methuselah) welcome. As long as you either are now, or have the ultimate goal of being a self supporting artist as a primary career.

This community is for discussion, motivation, the sharing of projects, frustrations, overcoming creative blocks, sharing self marketing tips, show notices, putting the word out on disreputable dealers or galleries to avoid, talking up good reps, agents and galleries, sharing victory laps etc. Pretty much any topics relevant to the career artist.

This is -not- a critique community (although if you want to invite critique you're certainly welcome to) or a place for hobbyist artists to ask for "tips", although newly professional artists are welcome.

Please respect that copyright laws -do- apply to all posted work, which is to be assumed the sole property of the poster unless otherwise specified.

As this is a professional artists community, I would also assume that everyone knows how to behave themselves so I'm not going to go into the tenets of mutual respectfulness here.